Grab a spellbook and a ray gun

Medievalien is a genre-bending action roguelike that combines fantasy and sci-fi to give players a wide arsenal of weapons and abilities. Mix spells and medieval weapons with alien technology to unleash powerful synergies as you fight back against alien invaders.


About Medievalien

When aliens crashland in a sleepy fantasy kingdom, the resident wizard calls for your aid. He doesn’t know how to beat the invaders, but he can manipulate time. If you are willing to embrace death (again and again and again) to master your weapons and to unlock the secrets of this strange new technology, the aliens can be defeated.


Magic Vs Technology

At first, swords and arrows appear to be no match for an advanced civilization hellbent on conquest, but through cunning battle tactics and adaptability, a hero can rise above and pick up new tools and tricks along the way.
  • Mix and match a giant arsenal of fantasy and sci-fi weapons
  • Battle a huge bestiary of fantasy and sci-fi enemies
  • Plan your route carefully to maximize your build
  • Unlock new abilities and upgrades that persist into the next run
  • Play a variety of characters with unique abilities and combat styles


The most powerful items and spells that humans could create


The advanced technology of a space traveling species


Items and Equipment

Fantasy realms are already rich with mysterious artifacts, and now an alien civilization is deploying a well-equipped army of creatures and robots… and they’re starting to harness magic as well.
  • Mix and match weapons, items, abilities, and characters to create a nearly infinite number of combinations and synergies
  • Gather resources to unlock new character and item upgrades
  • Use resistances, weaknesses, and bonuses to create a powerful build that matches your playstyle
  • Deploy bombs and traps to outwit hordes of enemies in frantic battles
  • Expand your base to access additional bonuses and resources


Live the lives of a hundred Heroes

No run in Medievalien is the same with multiple characters to choose from and maps the procedurally generate. As you gain power, the world changes even more as new facets of this strange sci-fi fantasy world unlock and reveal themselves. Along the way, you can bend time and space to your favor by collecting fate shards, giving you the power to build the path that’s right for your character.


Roguelike Advisory Council

To bring Medievalien to life, we are listening closely to player feedback and taking advantage of Steam’s Early Access program. With the scope of our vision and the vast number of potential synergies, we need player insights to fully polish the experience. As part of that effort, we are enlisting streamers with deep connections to roguelikes to share their perspectives on roguelike design and experience, and we are inviting players to talk directly with our team via Discord.

Join our Discord and then check out the incredible roguelike streamers who are supporting our project.


About dOOb games

We’re proud to be a part of the blossoming game development scene in our home country of Italy. Our backgrounds are in tech, and we are literally betting our careers on Medievalien. We saved up our money, we borrowed from friends and family, and we quit our jobs to bring Medievalien to life. In addition to making a great game, we hope that we can inspire and support more game developers in our region to pursue their dreams of making indie games.